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Unlocking Opportunities: The Benefits of IMLC Accreditation for Teleradiologists

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As a radiologist looking for remote work opportunities, why should you check out the IMLC?

It’s surprising how often we mention IMLC to radiologists who don’t know about it, or confuse it with a medical licensing assistance company. It is an organization that offers a legislation-backed path to expedited, multiple state licensure. Its services can make it easier for you to take on teleradiology work that is best for you and your career goals.

IMLC stands for Interstate Medical Licensure Compact. IMLC reduces the hassle of medical licensing through each separate state, and can give teleradiologists advantages when seeking new work in multiple states. Once you have successfully completed an initial application process, each new state license can be added very quickly. IMLC is also popular with locums tenens position seekers.

What is the IMLC?

“The Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, stated on their website, “…is an agreement among participating U.S. states and territories to work together to significantly streamline the licensing process for physicians who want to practice in multiple states. It offers a voluntary, expedited pathway to licensure for physicians who qualify.”1

Our take:

The more states on a teleradiologist’s CV = the more choices they have to pursue a wider range of work.

Here at Excalibur, we encounter many teleradiologists considering IMLC accreditation. It has been fantastic for some. Some radiologists have been able to get their LOQ (Letter of Qualification) without snags, with following licenses issued in less than two days!

There are drawbacks. It isn’t for everyone (Qualifications are listed on the organization’s website). The initial process of obtaining a Letter of Qualification (the key to fast-track new licenses in participating states) can be lengthy. A minority of states do not allow for licensure through the IMLC.

Excalibur teleradiologists have the assistance of our Credentialing Expert. We are happy to discuss each individual’s situation and needs, and help to navigate the current licensing landscape.

We’re hoping to feature more articles in the future about this “fast pass” for state licensure, accepted by a majority of states.

To learn more about the IMLC and begin your application process, visit the IMLC website. Don’t miss the helpful videos section.

Want help completing documents for IMLC, credentialing or other medical paperwork? Read our blog post about licensing assistance services.

IMLC Benefits for Radiologists

In today’s digitally interconnected world, telemedicine has become an indispensable tool in providing efficient and accessible healthcare services. Within this landscape, teleradiology plays a pivotal role in delivering accurate and timely diagnoses remotely. To maximize marketability, teleradiologists could consider getting accreditation from the International Medical Licensing Council (IMLC).

Check out some of the advantages of getting accredited:

Enhanced Professional Growth and Income Potential

Accreditation with IMLC opens doors to a wider range of job opportunities. Teleradiologists can access a broader network of healthcare facilities and radiology practices. This expansion of professional horizons can lead to a more fulfilling, balanced, and financially rewarding career.

Reduced Downtime when Reading in New States

Turnaround times for new state licensing, even with the aid of a professional license application service, can take months. Poor planning could put you in a holding pattern as you wait for the appropriate license to read in a new state, and possibly prevent you from earning income during that time. Having an active IMLC Letter of Qualification (LOQ) can significantly reduce the time it takes to add new licensing to your CV.

Recognition and Credibility

IMLC accreditation serves as a testament to proficiency. When you pass its rigorous standards, indicating potential for a faster licensing process, you can be more desirable candidate-for-hire to healthcare systems and radiology practices nationwide.

Access to a Diverse Patient Population

LOQ-holding teleradiologists are better positioned to serve a diverse patient population from various cultural backgrounds and regions. This diversity enriches your clinical experience, allowing you to encounter a broader spectrum of cases, ultimately leading to a more well-rounded professional development.

Compliance with Regulatory Standards

The IMLC process seeks to ensure that physicians adhere to rigorous standards of practice and ethics, recognized by a number of states that continues to increase.

Professional Networking Opportunities

IMLC-accredited teleradiologists have increased potential to network with a broader and more diverse community of healthcare professionals. This fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing, and potential research opportunities, ultimately enriching your professional experience.

Increased potential to contribute to Health Initiatives

With IMLC, you can contribute to increased array of health initiatives by providing expertise to underserved regions and populations in more states. This can help fulfill commitments to social responsibility, helping to address healthcare disparities on a national scale.


  1. Read more: https://www.imlcc.org/a-faster-pathway-to-physician-licensure/ ↩︎

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