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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Radiology: What We’re Reading

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Want to keep up with the rapid development of AI as it impacts radiology and healthcare? Here’s our collection of Excalibur staff’s recommended articles and links.

AI Making Headlines

US senators seek heightened scrutiny around AI’s use in healthcare (Radiology Business)
Our latest staff pick on AI is about legislation: As more and more AI is implemented in healthcare, concerned regulators are pay increased attention to the risks.

Medical technology and the human touch (Microsoft Unlocked)
Natalie Pageler, Chief Medical Information Officer at Stanford Medicine Children’s Health, comments on preserving “the compassionate care at the core of our profession.” She acknowledges we are in a period of much AI hype.

New federal rules demand transparency into AI models used in health decisions (Stat)
This article covers some of the concerns of AI’s rapid advancements, and the involvement of corporate interests as the the benefits and drawbacks of this new technology emerge.

Nina Kottler, MD, MS on Adoption and Impact of AI in Radiology (Diagnostic Imaging)
An interview video. Dr. Kottler sat down with Diagnostic Imaging at RSNA 2023 to discuss AI imaging milestones and the potential impact of AI on workflows in radiology.

What’s the missing link to get radiologists using AI? (Radiology Business)
Author Rik Primo observes: “The key hurdle lies in the absence of clinical evidence demonstrating AI’s positive impact on clinical, workflow, and business metrics. The AI business faces a challenging outlook for the upcoming years without this crucial validation…”

How Good Is That AI-Penned Radiology Report? (Harvard Medical School)
Scientists design new way to score accuracy of AI-generated radiology reports

Data and Resources

AI Central (American College of Radiology)
This site claims to be “the most complete and up-to-date online, searchable directory of commercially available Imaging AI products in the United States.” The product information on this site is available to ACR members only. The blog articles, however, are public and informative.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML)-Enabled Medical Devices (US Food and Drug Administration)
This list contains publicly available information on AI/ML-enabled devices. It has interesting nuggets of statistics on radiology as they compare to other fields. “…Radiology has experienced the steadiest increase…of any specialty. “

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