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Letter to Radiologists

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Dear Colleague,

Our company, Excalibur Healthcare, has over 20 years of teleradiology experience and is in a new stage of growth. Know that you have options when deciding on teleradiology work. During this era of heightened volatility, we remain a stable, 100% physician-owned choice.

We care about your professional development as a radiologist and have a genuine focus on patient outcomes. Excalibur offers you the ability to read among a supportive, collegial team of respected, fellowship-trained radiologists.

Every work relationship begins with discussion. Each of us has different priorities, and our flexible approach allows you choices. The shared goal is to help our team attain their desired lifestyles while serving facilities with the best care.

Teleradiology is remote by definition, visibility is key. Word of mouth between colleagues is our most valued networking. Please let your network know about us.

Arthur Greene, MD
Founder and President, Excalibur Healthcare

Teleradiology is Access.

Excalibur delivers high quality, final reads from Board-certified radiologists dedicated to practicing medicine. We can provide standalone teleradiology service, support in-house departments, or assist with coverage for unique circumstances.

Teleradiology is Choices.

Radiologists, if you’re looking to increase your scheduling flexibility, supplement your primary employment, or simply work where you want to live…consider what Excalibur can offer. Read about our Teleradiology Careers.

Accredited by The Joint Commission, Excalibur is a Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Business.

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